How to Write a Poly Dating Profile on Open Relationship Dating Site

Posted by | Aug 29, 2018
write poly dating profile on open relationship dating site

Presuming that you have joined with an excellent poly dating site, it is time to write a fantastic profile so that everybody will be attracted to you.

It is not exaggerating to say that your dating profile is the advertisement of yourself. It is the call-to-action button that the visitors will click. Well, at least at this case, they will want to know more in-depth about you after reading such a fantastic profile.

Entertaining profile

The key is not only to deliver the messages to your viewers but also to entertain them. It is like when you watch blockbuster the Blade Trilogy. After watching Blade 1, you are expecting the Blade 2, Blade 3, and more. It works pretty much the same with online open relationship dating. After the audiences are attracted after seeing your profile, you will want them to expect more.

The profile who writes

Your writing style will depend on your gender, sexual orientation, and other traits as well. One of the keys to making a high profile is to know your audiences characteristic. The sad news, though. Not all people read the profiles. But you still need to add your headline.

Be yourself

The thing about having the messages in your profile will set you apart from the other users. Keep in mind that it is a poly dating, not a hookup dating. People will respect you if you show your seriousness in poly dating kind.

In most polyamorous dating sites, you have the freedom to update your profile as well as status. You will need to be honest about your situation. If it is not part of the profile announcements, you must spill it out upfront. Keep in mind that you'll be writing for yourself. So, there is no way you'd like to add something from other people in your profile to draw the attention. It is always better, to be honest. If you are poly, say it. You are a polyamorous bisexual man or anything. Don't be ashamed.

Try to see the best in people

In other words, don't ever go negative. There are many people out there are talking too much about themselves and don't want to hear other's story. You can't be like those guys. If something goes wrong, you could ask yourself why. The negative words in your profile can deter people from knowing you. So, make sure you spread positive messages in your profile. You perhaps did have a sad past, but it does not mean you can share it online, and burden the strangers with your story.

Keep it straightforward

In the online dating world, there is no point to be a sluggish person. Keep it straightforward. If you like it, then take action. You will want to keep it a short but dense. Create an exciting and catchy headline, not a lengthy description of your profile. Consider some highlights and do preview your profile and pretend to be someone else reading your profile. If you find any weird language, consider to fix it.

By considering all the tips above, you will surely attract many members from the open relationship dating site. Share these tips with your friends if you like it.