The Red Flags to Look Out when Using Polyamorous Websites

Posted by | Sep 9, 2021
The Red Flags to Look Out when Using Polyamorous Websites

If you are interested in polyamorous dating, you will want to give polyamorous dating sites a shot. As you browse around the net, you will find tons of sites that offer you similar services. But most daters out there are just playing around and do not want to have serious relationships. In another world, it might not be easy to find them if you don't know how to spot them. Here are the red flags that you will want to consider to spot scammers, fakers, or other bad online dating users.

It is too good to be true

If you are really thinking that it is too good to be true, then it probably is. You might have seen their photos in TV shows, dramas, or else. Their faces might be similar to artists, popular figures, or anyone else. There's a chance if the person is fake.

They want to keep the LDR

LDR is the abbreviation of Long Distance relationships. Many people have done this. But if it is about meeting strangers at polyamorous dating sites, then you don't want any excuse. You could find someone who is in your location. At least, you could ask them to make a video call. If there are too many excuses, then this person is not for you. There is no point in sticking with him or her anymore.

They complain all the time

It is another red flag when using polyamorous dating site. You might notice that some people tell you a story about how they lost their ex, they broke up with someone in the past, and so on. Then they need you to scratch their backs. You must stop right there. You don't want to end up with someone who does not want to move on.

They don't update their profile

If you think that their polyamorous dating app is empty or non-updated, then you should skip the profile right away before they snatch you on.

Not being serious

If they are just playing around without being respectful to you, you could just skip and look for other people on the poly dating sites. Do not waste your time on fakers.

Mentioning the dress code

Some people on the poly dating site are not being respectful. One of the red flags is to dictate how you are going to dress so that they won't seem dull when paired with you. Well, don't waste your time on those guys. You could just skip and find another match for you.