Things to Consider When Choosing A Polyamorous Dating App

Posted by | Jul 24, 2020
Things to Consider When Choosing A Polyamorous Dating App

A polyamorous dating site has become a convenient way for polyamorous people to know each other. Most established polyamorous dating sites have their app for mobile users. Since there are hundreds of them, choosing the best polyamorous dating app could be a daunting task. There are actually things you can consider when choosing such an app, let's check them out below.

Flexible Joining System

It's no secret that polyamorous dating is unique and different from other types of relationships. At this point, very important to choose a polyamorous dating site that allows you to join as solo personal and/or as a couple. Not only it's for declaring your status, but it would also be helpful for you to relate with other polyamorous personals.

Orientation Option

When you use the site for a polyamorous dating purpose, it's great if they allow you to declare your specific gender identities and orientation in the profile. This would help you to get found by other polyamorous personals on the site. There are tens of orientations you can choose from.

Profile Personalizing

There are poly dating sites that allow you to personalize your profiles with a spectrum of preferences. When you're joining a dating site, it's very important to express yourself and your interests so they can be captured by other polyamory people there.

Profile Display

It's very important that the poly dating app can show your profile details on the phone. While it's like a technical aspect, the profile display would affect your exposure to the poly dating site. People can just skip your profile as they can't view the information details or qualities of yourself.

Finding Tool

Another factor you should consider is whether the poly dating site has eligible finding tools to help you exploring polyamorous members. This way, you can easily browse polyamory profiles and get in touch with them soon.


Polyamorous relationship, even though accepted, is still not common in real life. If you want to join a polyamorous dating, it would be great if the site has an active and supportive community. The polyamory community would be helpful to figure out your gender identity and orientation while giving your resourceful insights about how to manage a polyamory relationship properly.

Other Features

When it comes to a dating site or app, it's pretty common to check the features that improve your user experiences. These include bisexual chat rooms, private messages, phone calls, search engines, forums, blogs, and so forth.