The Polyamorous Dating Rules that You Will Want to Understand

Posted by | Feb 13, 2020
The Polyamorous Dating Rules that You Will Want to Understand

After evaluating about what you want with your dating, you might decide to get the polyamorouys dating. But you probably don't know yet if your new romantic lifestyle suits you. What'd you do? What are the boundaries and rules that you need to know? Here are the things you should consider.

Being poly means you need to be honest with it

It is important to make it very clear to your current partner that you are going to join with the polyamorous dating sites. There is always a scenario wherein you will want to be comfortable with the polyamorous relationship. Here is where you need to be open with it. Such orientation behavior might not be acceptable for many people. So, consider to talk about this even before joining with the polyamorous dating site.

Don't underestimate it

Some people who join with the poly dating sites just thought that it could be their fun way for recreation. Well, it is not entirely true. This involves a serious work. And if you want to make it work, you will want to be serious with it. Poly dating site is not the same at all with swinger clubs. In the swinger clubs, there is no serious feeling involved. People get to know each other for sex only. Meanwhile, in the polyamorous dating, you will treat everyone in the party as your lover.

It is not your primary relationship cure

If you think that using poly dating app and meet new people out there can fix your primary relationship, then you are so wrong. The thing about polyamorous dating is that it is an exporatory experience, not the therapeutic. Again I say. If you do it for the wrong reasons, then you shouldn't do it at all.

Set the clear boundaries

You will want to decide which one you should keep and which one you shouldn't, for instance, you could say that the bedroom is your thing, but some couples might want to have separated private space for each of them. That will entirely depend on your decision. Make an agreement with all of the parties involved. See if there is any slit that you need to consider that could tamper the relationship.

Have you tested your health?

You know, having sex with multiple partners might procure some risks. The same thing goes with the polyamorous dating. Setting a monthly testing date to make sure everyone involved in this relationship will stay away from the health risks.