How to Be A Loyally Polyamorous Enthusiast During the Pandemic

Posted by | Dec 2, 2020
Be A Loyally Polyamorous Enthusiast During the Pandemic

It has been months since we have been working around the pandemic. While it is not going to end anytime sooner, it shouldn't prevent you to be a polyamorous enthusiast. But you shouldn't worry since you can still get in touch with your same-minded friends over the polyamorous dating sites. Just like any other kind of relationship, the key here is the good communication between you and your partners. So, here are some tips to consider when you are using your polyamorous dating site for having an interaction with your counterpart.

Talk about the quarantine

Obviously, you will be out of the polyamorous dating websites if you want to meet with your great matches. And when it goes with your partner, you will want to consider quarantining with your partner. But of course, it will work if you have good communication habits with your counterparts.

Many couples have been talking about this. Whether you decide to move in together to self-quarantine together, or not, make sure you talk about this topic when you are communicating via poly dating sites you join. It is better to have this conversation in advance meeting them in person.

Maintain good communication

I won't get too bored to remind you that the key here is the good communication with your partner. It is very important to speak fully in the polyamorous dating app platform so that you can explore all of the things before proceeding. Some of the polyamorous partners decide to separate and quarantine separately. But if you cannot hold it, it is much better to meet them.

Check your condition before meeting your counterpart

There will be time to finally get out and meet with the people you find on poly dating sites and have the date. Neither of you probably do not have any significant symptoms of the condition. But you will want to make sure that it is going to be safe. It is better to be safe than sorry. I am sure you have heard this phrase a lot from your older folks.

Video or phone call can be the best alternative

In any poly dating site, it is easy to find the best means of communication to keep in contact with your other party. In this case, video and phone calling will help you a lot in building communication and trust.

Consider to try the tips above and you will be enjoying such great results from the poly dating sites you are joining with.