Tips about Polyamorous Dating

Posted by | Jan 17, 2019
Tips about Polyamorous Dating

For many people, polyamorous dating is not an easy thing to do. Indeed, it is not easy. Being in a relationship with a single friend can be hard. Imagine that you are doing it with two at the same time. But sometimes, it is hard not to love more than one person. We should have the same common ground at first. Polyamorous dating is not for everyone. Whether you are curious or interested in this polyamorous relationship, you will want to consider these tips.

Know how it works

Many people can misunderstand polyamorous with cheating. You and the parties involved should be aware of the definition of polyamorous and how it works. When you have the same common grounds, then you can proceed.

Get a good nuance

When meeting your partner's other partners, or vice versa, it might be an awkward situation. You will want to build such a good vibe for everyone. You need to know that they are not hurting each other. If else, then there is no chance to have the polyamorous.

Do this with safe manners

If we talk about sex, so it is essential to use the protection with all the other partners. Don't hesitate to speak sex health with others. It sounds awkward at first. But you will get used to it as the time goes by.

Don't force the relationship

Knowing the guidelines and rules of polyamorous dating does not mean to force your ideas to other people. You might have different ideas of polyamorous dating with other people. Well, you can embrace it, or leave it. After all, not every relationship can work for you. Even for a straight relationship, many challenges are lurking amongst them.

Set the boundaries

Using the safe word in the polyamorous relationship is essential. There will be lines not to cross. You will want to set it that way to prevent anyone from negative feelings or hurt. Do not keep the score. Do not add the person to your group with others' consents. Communicate honestly with everyone in your group. It is important to note that everyone's needs matter. That includes you. If you can't see yourself being happy and good about this, then why not quit? But if you find "true" self here, don't hesitate to advance in polyamorous dating sites.


What you need to know about polyamorous is that many people feel insecure about this. In any relationship, insecurity can kill your relationship fast. When a person snaps, getting the band back together might be harder than meeting new people. Jealousy and insecurity are the common negative aspects of the relationship. If you and your partner can manage it, you will be golden.