What Are the Differences between Polyamorous and Polygamus Relationship?

Posted by PolyamorousDatingWebsites.com | Feb 25, 2019
Differences between Polyamorous and Polygamus Relationship

Many people are still mistaking Polyamorous with the Polygamus relationship. Obviously, the two things are different. Let's start with the basic descriptions of them first.

The definition

Polygamy is the term to describe the idea of plural marriage affirmation in the society, religious, economic, or political practice. But when it comes to polygamy dating, it becomes more prevalent for the society and religious terms.

Meanwhile, polyamorous dating is the term to describe the state of involving multiple relationships at the same time. These relationships can either include or exclude the sexual or romantical aspects in the relationships. The types of the multiple relationships will depend on the consent of all the partners.

The scope of the relationships

We can see different types of polyamorous dating sites and sometimes come across polyamory dating sites and polygamy dating sites. It is very important to understand the basic differences between the two.

If we are talking about the roots of the relationships, polygamy is usually the action of having multiple spouses. Keep in mind that polygamy dating site is illegal in the US. So, it is not likely you can find any poly dating sites in the US soil. But in many other countries, having more than one spouse is not illegal. The practices are more common in Islamic countries.

Polyamory, in many cases, is not tied to religion or marriage. But some polyamorous people ended up in the marriage or sort of commitments.

Sometimes people who are in the polyamorous relationships are called "open". But some of them are also called as "swingers", although this term is often to describe the consensual sexual relationships agreed outside the marriage. Folks who are in the polyamorous relationship also emphasize the real connections and feelings over the sexual things. Polyamorous parties are possible to have multiple relationships with more than one committed partner in their life.

The parties involved

The polygamy often practices the marriage between a man and more than one wife. But it can work vice versa. It works based on the gender of the dominance. Meanwhile, the polyamory is open relationship dating to any mixture of numbers and genders. So, it is common for one party to be in a relationship with several parties, and so on.

The vision of the relationship

It is undeniable that polygamy has the traits to be last longer than normal relationships. But the polyamory relationship is more about the moment and people enjoy it with ethics. It can last for weeks, months, or even years depending on the participants in the circle of relationship.

Make sure you understand the aspects above before joining any polyamorous dating site. The ample knowledge will save you from mishaps and problems.